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About SIU

President Message

Welcome to Sudan International University. It is a great pleasure for me to extend a warm welcome to all students and to all new members of the University community .I congratulate you on your excellent judgment in choosing to matriculate at Sudan International University. SIU is a dynamic and innovative place to work and study, transforming lives through education, research and innovation. Sudan International University aims to maintain an atmosphere that promotes the highest educational standards as well as encouraging passion and motivation within its students. In order to ensure this, SIU concentrates its efforts in fostering cooperation among the different departments and faculties so as to provide a curriculum that promotes a systematic course of study in each department. Thus, each faculty at SIU offers an array of lecture courses, lab courses, and training seminars in both general education and specialized subjects. This ensures that upon graduation the students are prepared to function in their fields of expertise and contribute to society. We are glad to report that over the past few years the University has grown both in status and stature. The infrastructure was radically expanded, new faculties and programs were introduced. Now SIU consists of nine faculties. They create the conditions for disciplinary depth, for interdisciplinary research, and for education with a wealth of potential; those are: The faculty of economics, Banking and financial studies, the faculty of management sciences, the faculty of medicine, the faculty of pharmacy, the faculty of Medical laboratories science, the faculty of Dentistry, the faculty of computing and information system, the faculty of tourism and hotel management and the faculty of Nursing. Also arrangements are under way for the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering. Sudan International University has its own hospital. The hospital has diagnostic equipment and laboratories. It is linked with Sudan International University Faculty of Medicine to deliver a integrated medical education program, as well as healthcare services to the community. On the level of postgraduate programs SIU is running an advanced and innovative MBA program. Four other MSc programs are also under way: MSc Clinical Microbiology, MSc Clinical Hematology, MSc Clinical Chemistry and MSc Management Information Systems. I'd like to welcome your questions and comments; please feel free to send them to the President's Office. Though it might not be possible for me to provide feedback for every question, I'd certainly be happy to direct them to the appropriate University departments. Thank you in advance for your continued support of Sudan International University.


Sudan International University (SIU) is non-sectarian, non-profit institution Founded in 1990, located in Khartoum Sudan. It is a comprehensive academic institution with a distinctive learning style and a global vision. Over the past few years, the University has reviewed its structures in order to be in line with the educational advancement nationally and internationally. Conscious of its public role, the University strives to create courses which are relevant and timely in response to the needs of the country. All programs are accredited by the Sudan Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The academic core of the university includes eight Faculties and an English language centre. It's primarily tasked with harnessing the tremendous human resources potential of the nation by improving the physical, intellectual and material well-being


To be acknowledged locally, nationally and internationally as a first-class comprehensive research university whose bilingual and multicultural dimensions of student education, scholarly output and contribution to the community consistently meet standards of excellence.


To nurture all-round individuals and devote ourselves to the discovery, advancement, transmission and application of knowledge that meets the needs of our society and the global community .Sudan International University carries out its mission with integrity and unwavering dedication to excellence, enterprise, professionalism, financial self-reliance, innovation, mutual respect and team spirit.


The strategic goals of SIU are:

  • Becoming an International Institution for Higher Education, Training and Research.
  • Creating university education opportunities for Sudanese and international students.
  • Enhancing the national identity and rooting it through diverse, competitive, and profound educational programs.
  • Widening knowledge due to encouragement of scientific research and publication.
  • Make advancements in distinguished studies especially those related to technology and creativity.
  • Establishing cultural and scientific relations with renowned universities and institutions.