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The faculty of management sciences at Sudan International University is widely recognised for its relevant qualifications. The faculty of management studies focuses on management education more than just business management. Besides, it offers programs which explore in-depth the relationship between academic teaching and real life management problems. Furthermore, it helps students to develop skills to collect pertinent information, analyze it and derive meaningful inferences for decision-making. The case study method of imparting knowledge is used to maintain the pace of each program at a rigorous level to prepare students for effectively handling the challenges of a modern day work place. Course contents are carefully selected by highly qualified professionals at different levels to ensure a comprehensive coverage of all aspects of managing a dynamic business. Due emphasis is placed upon the development of entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities which are considered as an essential part of the curriculum at all levels. The faculty maintains regular contact with reputable business houses through seminars, membership of related committees, internship programs and job placement services in order to provide students with precious job opportunities. Commitment supports leadership with a deep understanding of business. Pedagogy is achieved through fieldwork, case studies and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory. Our main purpose is to prepare candidates who are able to deal with critical issues intellectually. Part of the faculty's success lies in the caliber of its lecturing staff and its ability to remain in the forefront of developments in management education. Lecturers are selected for their teaching prowess and proven ability in industry.

The faculty offers a B.Sc Honours degree in the following three areas of specialization:
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting and Financial Auditing
  • Management Information System (MIS)

The faculty of Management Science will introduce a new program in Marketing as of the academic year 2011/2012." Our program aims to:

  • Train students to become professional managers in their area of specialization
  • Provide educational atmosphere that can create business administrators, marketing managers and professional accountants in the future.

The FMS plans to offer PhD programs in liaison with Malaysian University in the future


Dear existing and potential students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, welcome to the Faculty of Management Sciences at Sudan International University. Our website shall help you understand who we are, what we do and why we are unique. Prospective students shall find out about the various academic disciplines our faculty offers. We consider ourselves a leader in our field and we are proud to being the best in the use of information technology and applied learning tools which strengthens our graduate’s skills and capabilities enabling them to become creative business leaders in a globally competitive environment. All this has been achieved with conscious planning and ideal implementation, a series of accomplishments that we are devoted to enhancing over time. We encourage you to go through these pages to find out for yourself the exceptional qualities we posses. Investing in your future starts with us! Make the smart move and join our distinguished programs. Our ultimate goal is to train and qualify national, regional and international management students for better decision-making in an ever-changing global economic environment. Our curriculum and teaching methods are all geared to achieve this goal. I have no doubt that your stay at the FMS is going to be a fruitful learning experience.

Prof. Dr.ElKhider Ali Musa.
Ph.D,School of Management,University of Bath, United Kingdom, June 1987
Faculty Dean


In line with the overall goals of the SIU, the FMS’s main goal is to develop human resources in the various specializations of management sciences at the national, regional and international levels.
The specific objectives of the FMS are as follows:

  • To train and qualify students at the undergraduate level in the various fields of management sciences,
  • To train and qualify participants at the postgraduate level in the various fields of management sciences,
  • To provide training on a continuous basis to the public and private sectors,
  • To conduct research policy on various management issues that benefit policy-makers in the government, the public and the private sectors,
  • To provide consultancy services to the public and private sectors on various management issues,
  • To enhance national, regional and international co-operation between research and institutions of higher education.


Admission to the University is done through the admission office of the Ministry of Higher Education. Candidates for the B.Sc program should pass seven subjects (including the four main subjects of English, Arabic, Islamic Culture and Mathematics) and six subjects for the diploma, in the Sudanese general certificate (or its equivalent from Arab and/or other countries) with a minimum score of 60% to join the B.Sc Program of the Management Science.


There are four departments in the FMS to the undergraduate level:

  • There are three areas of specialization in this program.
  • Department of Business
  • The B.Sc degree program consists of eight consecutive semesters, 15-18 weeks per semester. The B.Sc degree will be awarded upon the successful completion of the eighth semester.
  • Students will choose their area of specialization in semester five.
  • Business administration and marketing specialization courses are common up to semester six. Thereafter, semesters seven and eight contains different subjects for both specializations.
  • The accounting specialization courses tend to be different from semester five
  • Moreover, there are some courses that are common for all specializations even after semester five.


Dean of the faculty.
Tel: +(249)123232245

Tel: +(249)123232246