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The Faculty of pharmacy provides a pharmacy education based on global criteria recommended by the world health organization (WHO). Although the program adopts advanced world renowned pharmaceutical studies it also considers the nature, scientific, linguistic level and cultural background of Sudanese students. The pharmaceutical sciences are the base for the development of safe and effective drugs. Pharmacy practice is the application of scientific knowledge to enhance patient care. These are the components of teaching at Sudan International University Faculty of Pharmacy. Students are educated to provide information in medication in a way that provides optimal patient care.

We have embraced new technologies, developed new approaches to pharmacy education and created an environment for innovative research. To achieve this, the university has established links with East London University, Northempria University (UK) and Saint George's University (USA)


I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new and continuing students in the Faculty of Pharmacy. Our faculty enjoys an outstanding national reputation for pharmacy. As a student in the faculty you will be taught by and interact with academics who, are highly regarded for their qualifications and friendly approachable manner. Our students and staff continually strive for excellence in their learning, teaching and research and the Faculty actively promotes opportunities to allow you to add new skills and experiences to your personal achievements. Our innovative teaching style, clinical and experiential placements and voluntary business skills programs will provide you with a well rounded professionally relevant pharmacy degree putting you in high demand with employers. Pharmacists are an integral part of the healthcare system and have the capacity to directly affect the lives and lifestyles of the people with whom they interact. Whether you decide to register as a pharmacist and work in community or hospital pharmacy, enter the pharmaceutical industry, work for government agencies, contribute to research and academia you will have the ability and expertise to help improve the well being of the nation.
I would hope that you find your experience with us an enriching one that is intellectually, socially and culturally rewarding and would encourage you to embrace the opportunities provided by the Faculty and University.

Dr. Nasrin Al Dirdiri
Faculty Dean


The Faculty of Pharmacy at SIU vision is to achieve global excellence in education and scientific research in pharmaceutical sciences through its commitment to international standards.


The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy at SIU is to provide the community with pharmacists capable of competing in various pharmaceutical and clinical areas in order to promote community based health care. This is attained through keeping abreast with the latest advancements in the areas of pharmaceutical technology and pharmacy practice through following the international educational and scientific research standards within legal and ethical frameworks.


  • To advance students’ academic and professional levels.
  • To develop the students’ professional ethics.
  • To develop the students’ personal skills.
  • To guarantee sound health care practices.
  • To encourage students to join our post-graduate studies program.
  • To develop the skills and abilities of academic staff academically and in research.
  • To bridge the gap between educational output and labor market needs by strengthening ties with relevant market.


The 5year bachelor’s programme, which confers the right to use the title BSc in Pharmacy, consist of is a fully integrated pharmaceuticaloriented programme with courses in the disciplines of chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutics. It is designed to give students a thorough understanding of pharmaceutical sciences and teach them the fundamental principles of the development, production and quality assurance of pharmaceutical products, clinical trials, the analysis of medicine use and information – qualifications that will equip them for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry and other areas. The bachelor programme consists of the following five departments


Objectives of the department are:

  • To provide the student with the knowledge on how to read and interpret prescription as well as to perform basic pharmaceutical calculations
  • To introduce the student to different techniques and terminologies with respect to dosage forms.
  • To put theoretical aspects into practice.
  • To provide the students with fundamental principles of pharmaceutical preparations.
  • To equip the students with basic principles of pharmaceutical processes.
  • To help the students to explain the science of solid, semisolid, dispersion and pressurized dosage forms and transdermal patches.
  • To equip the students with adequate skills on sterile product formulation, packaging and quality control of pharmaceutical products.
  • To provide the students with the knowledge of biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics.

Pharmaceutical chemistry

The course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at SIU Faculty of Pharmacy provides a broad foundation in chemical principles and then develops this by understanding the application in the development of these chemicals in Pharmaceuticals. This includes studies of polymers and materials and the physical chemistry of suspensions, colloids etc which provide underpinning principles for the study of pharmaceutical formulation and pharmaceutical technology – the design of medicines and the manufacturing process required to produce them. Final year research projects in pharmaceutical chemistry will generally involve a blend of formulations and analytical science. This might, for instance, involve testing new excipients in tableting and dissolution studies, stability testing of new drugs or medicines, analysing content purity and trace impurity profiles of generic and counterfeit medicines or spectroscope microanalysis of tablets to assess crystal polymorph formation. The course draws on the unique combination of expertise in chemistry and pharmacy within the Faculty, with students offered units that range from medicinal chemistry to drug formulation and the chemical biology that interlinks these topics.

Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy

Objectives of the department are:

To make the students able to:
  • Describe and perform extraction and isolation of drugs from natural sources.
  • Determine physical and chemical data of pure drugs.
  • Use different chromatographic methods
  • Apply different spectroscopic techniques for structure elucidation and characterization of different classes of natural products.
  • Understand all the steps to be followed to obtain herbal drugs of good quality.
  • Discuss several clinical studies on herbal medicines and their strengths and deficits.

Pharmacology and toxicology

Objectives of the department are:

  • To provide the student with knowledge and skills concerned with principles of drug action, absorption and elimination, therapeutic action and toxicity.
  • To demonstrate various aspect of toxicology, drug abuse, drug interactions, use of drugs in pregnancy, children and elderly patients.
  • To demonstrate knowledge of biological assay and pharmacovigillance.

Pharmaceutical care

Objectives of the department are:

  • To provide the students with basic pharmacy practice with special emphasis on professional ethics.
  • To families students with various sections in the hospital and community pharmacy.
  • To equip the students with the knowledge of pharmacy laws and drug abuse and their control.
  • To equip the students with the knowledge on social aspect of pharmacy.


Teaching methods during the program include didactic and audiovisual presentations, interactive discussions, and role-playing. Teaching students learn how the philosophy of pharmaceutical care will be applied. Other important components of the program aim to develop the preceptor's coaching, assessment and evaluation skills. The program facilitates the interaction of innovative practitioners, leading to the establishment of networks amongst these pharmacists.


University Headquarters:
Obaid Khatim Street, Arkawait, North of Al Balaabil bus stop

Dean of the faculty.
Tel: +(249)123232253

Tel: +(249)123232254