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The faculty of medical laboratory science in Sudan International University offers a versatile, five-year professional degree program in medical laboratory science. The program is designed to provide a broad and well-rounded education to meet the demand in public and private labs for more highly qualified laboratory personnel. After successful completion of the prescribed courses, the students (graduates) will be awarded a bachelor of science in medical laboratory science in one of the following specialties:

  • Medical Microbiology
  • Medical Parasitology and Entomology
  • Hematology & Immunohematology
  • Histopathology & Cytology
  • Clinical Chemistry


                    Dear existing and potential students, 
The Faculty of Medical Laboratories at Sudan International University provides learner-centred, fully accredited educational programs. Our goal is to graduate competent, qualified and compassionate practitioners as medical laboratory scientists. We strive to provide a rich, interdisciplinary environment of learning, practice, research and public service for all our students and faculty. Now, more than ever, the faculty is forward-thinking and moving forward. We are placing renewed emphasis on increasing our engagement with our rural communities to better serve their health needs. With our global health programme, we look beyond national borders and work in partnership with communities in developing countries. Our faculty members and learners are engaging in international projects that focus on education, service and research. 
Prof. Khairy AbdElrahman Ibrahim
Faculty Dean



                    To be nationally and internationally recognized leaders investing in education, research and service, making important contributions to Health. 




                     The Faculty is dedicated to the optimization of health through scholarship and leadership in our education programs, in fundamental and applied research and in the prevention and treatment of illness in conjunction with SIU hospital and other partners.




The Medical laboratory sciences program at Sudan International University is designed to provide students with strong practical laboratory skills as well as theoretical background in clinical and basic sciences that enable the students to pursue their particular careers. The program seeks to qualify students in Medical Laboratory Sciences with high professional competence through different means By:

  • Providing strong clinical and basic scientific background that enables the students to work in clinical laboratories and participate in the future development of these laboratories.
  • Providing strong clinical training in a wide range of areas of clinical diagnosis of diseases that develop their laboratory techniques and skills.
  • Emphasizing professional integrity and pride throughout the program.
  • Motivating the students through understanding their important role in clinical diagnosis and decision-making in patient care.
  • Maintaining the high standard of the profession of Medical Laboratory Sciences.
  • Preparing the student to cope with the new advances in the instrumentation and modern techniques in clinical laboratory testing.
  • Providing students the necessary skills for communication with the other medical team and community.                     
  • Preparing the students for national and international licensing.


The faculty run eight semesters in four years, the first year is introductory courses in medical sciences (one year), then gradually to basic medical laboratory techniques (two years), then finally to specialty in one discipline (one year).  First year is composed of two semesters, student cover all basic medical sciences (Physiology, Biochemistry, and Anatomy) and Laboratory safety, computer applications, and general program orientation are incorporated into this course.  Second, third, and final year, each year composed of two semesters, student cover all of the following sciences:

  • Medical Microbiology 
  • Medical Parasitology and Entomology 
  • Hematology & Immunohematology
  • Histopathology & Cytology 
  • Clinical Chemistry



                     The requirement for admission is an eligible secondary Sudanese certificate or an equivalent certificate for the different academic years. 
Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Arabic language, Islamic studies, English language 




The teaching methods in the faculty include all advanced instructional methods include power point presented lectures, group discussions, seminars, tutorials, problem solving and case studies in addition to an intensive practical training in the laboratories of the faculty, hospitals and national health laboratories. 


Different subjects are delivered by qualified and skilled teachers (permanent & part-time). 




Khairy Abdarhman Ibrahim Professor
Walid Ahmed Hamid Eldaif Assistance professor
Abdalkareem Abubakr Abdrabo Assistance professor
Elwaleed Mohmmed Elamin Associated professor
Eltaib Ali Hassan Eltaib Lecturer
Eman Alfaki Mohmmed Lecturer
Hussain Shareef Lecturer
Sali Mohmed ahmed T. A


Activities of the faculty include:

  • Public seminars in any of recent health problems, the topic are always selected by the departments.
  • One day field training which programmed to visit poor hygiene areas around Khartoum to offer fees less services (diagnosis and treatment).
  • One week field training which programmed to visit poor hygiene areas far away from health services this includes villages, and small cities.



                     Dean of the faculty.
 Tel: +(249)123232257

   Tel: +(249)123232256