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The faculty of economics, banking and financial studies, at Sudan International University is ranked among the top economics faculties nationally. The faculty continues the development of economics sciences, education offering up-to-date knowledge, integrating this knowledge into the economy, and facilitating both the students’ professional success and the economics development of Sudan. During its nearly two-decade-long history, the faculty established the academic, professional and technical conditions for modern education. In the long run, the high standard of education can be ensured by scientific research and close cooperation with the initiative economists. The academic staff and the students of the faculty are involved in a wide range of research projects in the field of economic sciences.


Welcome to the Faculty of Economics, Banking and Financial Studies.The Faculty of Economics, Banking and Financial Studies is strongly committed to providing world-class quality education. We are preparing our students for successful careers in the global arena with our trained, experienced and dynamic faculty members. The faculty of economics does not only provide quality education but also takes important steps in regional and national economic development in our country. Today we continue to strive for building a world-class Faculty. The Faculty is committed to the excellence of both research and teaching for the purpose of advancing knowledge and educating leaders. It cherishes ideas and theories, and at the same time values practical solutions and actions. It combines Sudan roots with global reach, and works to contribute to the development of Sudan’s economy and society as well as to make an impact in the world. The Faculty of economics is an exciting place to study and work. We genuinely care about you and your future. We are placing a great deal of confidence in your ability to learn from your professors and from each other. This is the time in your life when you will establish your unique character. 

Dr. Hiyam Ahmed Abdelrahim.


The Faculty of Economics Banking and Financial Studies mission is to “To Create and disseminate knowledge and develop skills and attitudes that meet business challenges in the global market”. The faculty will achieve this through the continual pursuit of excellence in its programmes.


Our goals, based on our mission and vision, by looking ahead to:

  • Prepare qualified cadres in the fields of economics, banking and financial studies.
  • Developing effective leaders and scholars committed to solving complex economic problems
  • Producing, disseminating and utilizing research to improve Sudan economic through critical thinking and evidence-based knowledge
  • Preparing the next generation of economic-competent workers, researchers and teachers dedicated to serving the society.



First and the second year courses are common, which allow the students to have a strong natural background about economics in general and make their own choices to continue their education in one of the three programs at the Faculty


The specialties of the Economics, Banking and Financial Studies cover a wide range of economic activities and are in demand in all spheres of modern business of:




                           The Department of Economics provides high-quality programs of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. The program focuses on skills and knowledge critical for a life of learning and leading to careers in management, the public sector, academics, and the professions. Modern economics is analytically rigorous, requiring a background in mathematics and statistics. At the same time, it is critically linked with the other social sciences and humanities, as well as to the more practical management and policy studies. The undergraduate curriculum provides a strong and broadening overview of economic thought and policy and is intended to prepare students for productive careers, for useful roles in society, and for satisfying personal lives in a technologically complex, culturally diverse world.


Banking and Financial Studies


                           The Department of financial and banking prepares students for careers in banking, investment houses, savings and loan institutions, credit unions, credit management, and for managerial positions in governmental and corporate organizations. The study of financial and banking requires a blend of analytical, evaluative and descriptive skills and can be very challenging and rewarding.


Human Resources Development


                           Human Resource Development (HRD) programme provides a framework for helping students develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. It provides a broad base of training in employee selection, retention and employee development techniques. Students will learn about important workplace issues such as safety, diversity and wellness. It is essential to success that you are willing to dedicate considerable time outside the classroom to reading, writing, research, presentations and projects.


Teaching & Learning


                      The education philosophy of the Faculty of Economics, Banking and Financial Studies is student focused. Incorporation of interactive learning methods into its educational strategy by emphasizing student participation is the primary advantage of the Faculty. Application based education supported by advanced computer technologies, continuous assessment, projects, group works and presentations are the main pillars of Faculty


Degrees offered

The Faculty of Economics banking and financial Studies offers three specialties these are:

  • B.S. Economics  (Departments)
  • Financial and Banking Studies
  • Human Resources Development


  • Dr. Hiyam Ahmed A/Rahim {Associate Professor}, Dean of the Faculty. 
  • Dr. Abd Elsadig El basher {Associate Professor}, Department of Economics
  • Dr. Siddig Talha { Associate Professor}, Department of Economics.
  • Dr. Atif  Ali Yassin { Assistant Professor}, Head of the Department of Economics.
  •  Dr. Abass  Hassan Monofally { Assistant Professor } , Research Coordinator.
  • Dr. Taha Hussien  { Assistant Professor}, Department of Banking and Financial Studies
  • Mr. Abou Zer Abass {Lecturer },  Head of the  Department of Banking and financial studies.
  • Mr. Mohamed Elhag Mustafa { Lecturer},  1st and 2nd years Coordinator.
  • Mr. Obied Alla Mahjoob { lecturer},  Quality Control Coordinator
  • Mr. Mudather Behari {Lecturer},  Department of Banking and Financial Studies.




                         Dean of the faculty.
    Tel: +(249)123232247

    Tel: +(249)123232248