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International Students

International students can add diversity to the university, enriching the experience of other students on campus. Schools with a strong global presence often have a wealth of cultural groups and events

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Academic Advising

Throughout your college years you are sure to have questions about your intended major. When this happens, you can turn to your assigned academic advisor for guidance. To complete your degree program, you must adhere to certain major requirements. A meeting with an academic advisor within your first few weeks on campus can help identify the courses you must complete and when they are available. An advisor can also walk you through the school's course selection process so that you know how to sign up for or withdraw from classes on your own. While your school's Web site may provide a wealth of information on academic requirements and course selection, meeting face-to-face with your advisor gives you an opportunity to voice your concerns and get feedback. SIU Academic Advisors can help you:

  • clarify your education and career goals.
  • explore programs.
  • address concerns about your studies
  • develop strategies for academic success from first-year to graduation
  • explore academic options when faced with personal/family emergency
  • determine where to go for additional information

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About us

Sudan International University (SIU), Founded in 1990, located in Khartoum Sudan. It is a comprehensive academic institution with a distinctive learning style and a global vision


Sudan International University
Obaid Khatim Street, Arkawait,
North of Al Balaabil bus stop,
Khartoum / Sudan

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