Why study at SIU

Why Study here

It is a great pleasure for us to extend a warm welcome to all students and to all new members of the University community. We congratulate you on your excellent judgment in choosing to matriculate at Sudan International University.
SIU is a dynamic and innovative place to work and study, transforming lives through education, research and innovation. Sudan International University aims to maintain an atmosphere that promotes the highest educational standards as well as encouraging passion and motivation within its students.

Campus Life

Campus Life creates and sustains a student-centered environment that promotes academic success and personal development; serves as a safe and inviting campus center.

Our programs are flexible

each faculty at SIU offers an array of lecture courses, lab courses, and training seminars in both general education and specialized subjects.

Parent & Family Affairs

Parent & Family Affairs provides parents and family members an opportunity to play an active, supporting role in the education of their student; to provide a forum for fellowship and networking with other families.

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About us

Sudan International University (SIU), Founded in 1990, located in Khartoum Sudan. It is a comprehensive academic institution with a distinctive learning style and a global vision


Sudan International University
Obaid Khatim Street, Arkawait,
North of Al Balaabil bus stop,
Khartoum / Sudan

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